Herdsmen: Defend yourselves, Middle Belt youths tell residents


Friday Olokor


The Middle Belt Youth Council has advised communities attacked by herdsmen to carry arms and other weapons to defend themselves.

The President of the MBYC in Southern Bauchi, Emma Zopmal, stated this in an interview with SUNDAY PUNCH.

The advice was part of a communique signed by its representatives in 15 states, including National Publicity Secretary (Southern Kaduna), Nasiru Jagaban; Iliya Ashokpa (Nasarawa); Vera Akua (Benue); Seth Mangseth (Plateau); Nasiru Abubakar (Gombe); Notsa Khamufo (Taraba); Seun Olawoyi (Kwara); and Brent Kane (Adamawa).

Other signatories were Moses Zakwa (Southern Borno); Attah Idoko (Kogi); John Ibrahim (Southern Kebbi); Babanya Ndagi (Niger); and Godwin Azaki (Federal Capital Territory, Abuja).

Ibrahim said, “We support victims under the attacks of Fulani herdsmen to take up arms to defend themselves. You don’t protect yourself in the grave. If someone decides to kill another person, how can the person protect himself?

“The way forward to end the atrocities of Fulani herdsmen is for the communities to be given the right to protect themselves because the first line of defence is the individual who is the target. If he is allowed to defend himself, one would be mindful of attacking the person.

“So, these people that are targets should be given arms to protect themselves. The communities should be given the right to possess arms to protect themselves. If these people are not allowed to protect themselves, it is going to be worse than what we are seeing today.”

According to him, insecurity is prevalent in the country because the methods used in recruiting security personnel are faulty.

The MBYC president said restructuring and state police would end the insecurity in the country.

“We are aware that the 1999 constitution tactically prohibits negotiating the unity of this country, but having observed this country over the years, we want to state that Nigeria has now finally come to the brink of renegotiation. It is better we define our terms of existence through national consensus rather than imposition, which will only degenerate into serious national problems.”



On Wed, May 31, 2017 at 9:12, Vincent Bodam
It is an unwholesome fact that the core north of Nigeria is power hungry, power drunk and power mad to a point of hubris. From the conception of this country in 1914, the people of the north (with reference to the arid parts), have positioned themselves close to the corridors of power while other parts kept snoozing.
While one can argue with inalienable facts that power infact does not like them, they are yet to accept or realise that fact. Utterances from highly placed Northerners clearly shows a desire to cling to power at all cost by core northerners. That is why even in our state of kaduna, no election will take place without northern participation no matter the stakes! Ditto at the Federal level.
But is power kind to them? Not by a long shot in my opinion. The north by colonial geographical design is almost 70% of the total land mass of the country, from Taraba to Sokoto and from Ilorin to Maiduguri on a cross diagonal description. However, the top parts of the country are always in the forefront in power grabbing or power sharing. But let’s look at the political dynamics since independence in 1960.
Sir Ahmadu Bello was supposed to be Prime minister but chose to remain in Kaduna as Premier of The Northern region and was replaced by Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa at the center in Lagos. They were both killed in the coup of 1966 led by Major Kaduna Nzeogwu. After another coup in the same year which ousted the over smart General Aguiyi Ironsi, General Yakubu Gowon took over for nine years. And while away in Kampala for an OAU meeting, General Murtala Mohammed staged a coup and took over. He was shot in the head by Lt Col Bukar Dimka six months after. Gen Olusegun Obasanjo took over and handed power to a democratically elected president Shehu shagari in 1979. He was toppled shortly after his first tenure in 1983 by Gen Muhammadu Buhari. Two years later in 1985, Gen Ibrahim Babangida brushed Buhari aside and took over. He lasted 8 years, stepped aside and brought Chief Shonekan who only lasted 4 months and yet again another Northerner grabbed power. This time, it was Gen Sani Abacha who spent 5 years and died in mysterious circumstances in 1998. Gen Abdulsalam took over and hurriedly left after an election that brought Obasanjo once again to power 1999.
Alhaji Umaru Yar’adua came in after the 8 years of Obasanjo, he was active for just a year and took a year grappling with a terminal disease which took his life in his third year in office. After five years of Goodluck Jonathan, Muhammadu Buhari took over power after 12 gruesome years of attempting to become President. But two years into his reign, he seems to be facing a life threatening ailment at 74 years of age, spending more time with Doctors than in office. Another Northerner rejected by power!
In a nutshell, Tafawa Balewa, Murtala Mohammed, Sani Abacha, Umaru Yar’adua all core northerners died in office. From the middle belt, Yakubu Gowon, Ibrahim Babangida, Abdulsalam Abubakar all survived and are still alive to this day. IBB in fact survived about 3 deadly coup attempts. A cat with 9 lives, he survived a coup by his bosom friend, Mamman Vatsa in 1987, Gideon Orkar who fired shells and bombs into his house at Dodan Barracks in 1991 and the June 12 imbroglio!
Although the core Northerners love power so much, history shows that power doesn’t love them that much! So can we learn from history and give the middle Beltans a chance? Maybe the North can be better off! Doing the same thing and expecting different results is the thought of fools.
So help us God!
Vincent Bodam

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Outgoing President’s Handover Speech, Jan 2017

Date: 1.29.2017

Secretary-General, Dr. Freeman Kamuru

Treasurer, Mr. Ibrahim Maikori

Immediate Past President, Prof. Tunga Lergo

Fellow Dear SOKAD Members, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen

It is has been great pleasure serving as President of this great Association, these past 4 years. To be specific, Nov. 25, 2012 was when I assumed the mantel of leadership (first as Interim President and subsequently as the President). Thanks to all of you members of SOKAD who made my tenure, and on behalf of the exco, our tenure successful. We could not have done anything without you. We are very appreciative of all the support you gave us.

What did we achieve in the last four years? Let me spend a few moments to remind members of the things we accomplished in the last 4 years.

1)   Schools Aide Program.

In the last 4 years we were able to provide material support to some select Primary schools. In all we have provided materials to 6 primary schools. These are:

2013- Lea Primary school Zac-Zawan-Sanga LGA (2012).

2014-i)  LGEA Primary School Kurdan, Zangon Kataf Local Government Area

  1. ii) UNICEF Model Primary Schools, KurminKwara, Dadu, Jaba Local Government.

2015-i) LGEA Primary School Dura, Jab LGA

  1. ii) LGEA Primary School Kamuru-Ikulu, Zangon Kataf LGA

2016- LGEA Primary School, Tunga Nok Jaba    LGA

As at today our donations amounted to at least $6000 over the last 4 years.

All these accomplishments could not been done without the help of our great friend Professor Bala Dogo whose NGO (CARE NGO) has been instrumental in executing our projects at home. They print the books, purchase the materials and provided logistics on the delivery of the materials to the respective schools. To Professor Bala Dogo and CARE-NGO, we say a loud and big thank you.

Executing these projects has not been without a cost. We spent a total of $6000.00 to execute these projects. Where did this money come from? It came from members’ contribution and dues.

Attendance at these presentations has been very encouraging. Reputable journalists have attended and covered our presentations. In the last presentation the Current Commissioner of Education attended.

2)      Advocacy.

We have championed aggressively an advocacy role in the last 4 years. This included press releases, Publications in news outlets-Nigeria world, Nigeria Village square, Elombah, National impressions. Some of the press releases(to mention few) were:

  1. i) National Conference.


  1. ii) Religious Bill


iii)               On the elections of 2015


  1. iv) Fulani/Herdsmen attacks, Moroa, fadan Karshi, etc.
  2. a) http://sokadusa.com/the-ethnic-and-religious-cleansing-in-kaduna-state/
  3. b) http://sokadusa.com/southern-kaduna-facing-worst-situation-since-independence-sokad-usa/
  4. c) http://sokadusa.com/save-nigeria-stop-the-islamic-political-agenda-an-open-letter-to-president-mohammed-buhari/
  5. v) Danfulani:
  6. http://sokadusa.com/southern-kaduna-john-danfulani-and-the-current-political-dispensation/
  7. http://sokadusa.com/kaduna-state-indigenes-abroad-call-for-the-immediate-release-of-detained-kaduna-state-university-lecturer/
  8. vi) Land Grab, The Gbadyi people


vii)             Grazing Reserve


viii) Call for Indictment-Gov. Yero


Please refer to: sokadusa.com for more

3)      Website

Our website is vibrant. sokadusa.com. Descent features and publications are there. Needs improvement, though. Members are encouraged to visit and take advantage of it.  Suggestions are welcome to improve on it.

4)   IRS Registration

SOKAD is now a registered  Not for Profit Organization. We have 501(c)3 status. Which means when you make donation it will be tax deductible. Members are encouraged to take advantage of this development as well.

Challenges It was in my heart that we have a general meeting where we will all gather in person. This could not take place. I suggest the in-coming Exco to look into it seriously. I wish all of us in the USA are all in one city. That will make it easier.

Funds: We want to reach out to many communities and/or institutions with our Home Aid projects. But fund is the limiting factor.

Ladies and gentlemen, all the accomplishments listed above could not be successfully executed without your inputs.  On behalf of the Exco I say Thank you.

When I took office I promised we will abide by our constitution and by-laws. We did. These documents were our guiding principles. We did not deviate from them. I take pride in that

We are not where we want to be. I see the promised land. We will get there. Our people are in poverty. Our lands are being taken away from us. Ethnic/Religious cleansing is going on in our homeland. I encourage us to join hands in the fight for our land on behalf of our people. We should not despair. It may seem dark now but light is at the end of the tunnel. We will overcome.

Let me encourage you with these 2 proverbs. The first says, “The journey of 1000 miles begins with the first.” The second says, “How do you eat an elephant? By taking one bite at a time.”  Also it was Edmund Burke who  said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”. By taking one mile at a time or one bite at a time we will accomplish much. Every one of us in this forum have something valuable to contribute to the growth SOKAD. Please contribute to the development of SOKAD and the Southern Kaduna People.

Finally, just as you supported me I urge you all to support Dr. Freeman and the incoming Exco with all that you have. On this note I wish to thank you for the opportunity to serve and now I hand over the mantle of leadership to Dr. Freeman Kamuru.

Long live SOKAD

Long live the Southern Kaduna People

May God bless you all.

Thank you.

Likita Aminu, MD, MPH

President, SOKAD-USA, 2013-2016

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